Dedicated to deliver distinctive, superior, and exciting jewelery

What can you expect from Helen Dorion Jewelery?

Dedicated to deliver distinctive, superior, and exciting. Get something that will match the perfect style.

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  • Rachelle T.

    "Helen creates heart stopping “gotta have” jewelry. 
    Fresh design, brilliant exploration of color and materials, and 
    exquisite craftsmanship.  This is why I have over 40 “Helen” artworks in
    my collection!"

  • Sally H.

    5 stars! Helen's jewelry is fun, creative, wistful,
    uplifting - and brightens my whole day as soon as I put it on. I have
    several pieces from Helen. Beautiful workmanship - high quality crafting
    and impeccable attention to detail. Helen is delightful to work with
    and has designed several custom pieces for me. Outstanding customer service, careful and neat packaging, timely delivery.

  • Angelica A.

    Each piece is unique and has character! Very durable, modern and definitely a statement pieces of jewelry. If you are looking for quality one of a kind piece, you've come to the right place. A little bit eclectic, a lil' rough but overall gorgeous pieces!